Napier Port is pushing the boundaries across the port industry, developing and implementing health and safety and productivity innovations. Championed by our own people, Napier Port is sharing many of these innovations to help improve the industry as a whole.


In 2015, Napier Port invested in New Zealand’s only mobile harbour crane simulator to reduce the time it takes to train our own staff and allow them to be trained in a safe and controlled environment.

The introduction of the crane simulator has led to strong collaboration between Napier Port teams, including Senior Crane Operators, Operations, Commercial, and Culture and Capability, with staff enthusiastic about the opportunity to work on this innovative cross-functional project.

Our on-site operators are also seeing the benefits, with Southern Cross Stevedoring using the simulator to assess candidates being recruited to operate on-deck as hatchmen.

Developing the simulator has also strengthened relationships with other ports across Oceania, including Ports of Auckland and Flinders Port. In September, Napier Port hosted a team of senior managers and crane operators from Fiji Ports for a week-long international training course. A relationship has been forged that will benefit both organisations well into the future.


General Cargo has continued to take an innovative approach to improving efficiency and providing solutions for our customers.

Pre-packing container inspections are now loaded directly into the system using hand-held tablets, replacing more than 20,000 paper forms a year. Similar technology is also being developed for forklift inspections and other similar tasks, reducing the number of steps in the process and improving efficiency.

Inventory control for JNL timber packs has been improved by providing greater transparency of cargo location and age. We now produce weekly stock reports, allowing us to identify and fix any anomalies prior to ship arrival.


In July, Winstone Pulp International (WPI) agreed to a further three-year extension to operate through Napier Port. An existing customer, WPI decided to test the market. In the face of fierce competition from a number of other ports, Napier Port was successful in retaining their business.

WPI said one of the deciding factors was our people. We had invested in our relationship with WPI over a number of years and our people take care with their product to ensure it reaches its destination on time and in the best condition. Our people go the extra mile to help their business run smoothly.

“Napier Port is a progressive and innovative operation, and we’re always looking at how we can provide better answers for our customers.”

Steve Young, Business Development Manager, Napier Port