Winstone Pulp International processes timbers from renewable forest estates across New Zealand, with a focus on quality and sustainability. It operates mills in Karioi and Tangiwai, producing a range of timber products and wood pulp. The high quality wood pulp exported through Napier Port goes into producing a range of goods including food-grade packaging.

“The relationship with Napier Port stands out among Winstone Pulp suppliers – their cargo care is outstanding and there’s a ‘can do’ attitude that comes across very trongly no matter where you are on the port. Rather than telling us they can’t do something, the Napier Port team ask, ‘What can we do to make this work?’

They truly understand our business – they’ve been to market with us, they’ve seen our supply chain in action, and they’ve met our customers. That understanding goes right down to the operational team handling our product, and that’s something we value very highly.”

Paul Saunders - General Manager Operations,
Winstone Pulp International