General Cargo VEHICLE BOOKING SYSTEM (vbs) Pilot


How to make a booking

1. To make a VBS booking click on the link  >>GO TO GENERAL CARGO VBS  at the bottom of this page.

    Clicking on this link will take you to the General Cargo R&D calendar which looks like this:

Cargo VBS

2.  Select the correct date and time for your 30 minute booking.

In the example below, you can see circled in red, that the transport operator has chosen a General Cargo R & D (GC R & D) booking for 4.30pm, on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

Cargo VBS Screenshot  1

NOTE: The calendar allows for 20 x 30 minute booking slots per day.  Each day at 9.45hrs we will review the total loads expected for the following day.  If we require additional slots to meet demand and keep truck turnaround times consistent, we will introduce additional booking slots.  

This means it is important that we have information through from you the day prior, so that we can accurately assess the level of demand, and add additional slots when required.

In the example below, circled in red, you can see 3 additional booking slots have been added for Wednesday 1st February. 

Cargo VBS Screenshot 2

4. Once you have selected the booking date and time, you will be directed to the details screen - as in the example below.

Cargo VBS Screenshot 3

 5. On the details screen fill in your name, email and phone contact details, and in the  'comments' section please supply the following:


 7. Once you've completed filling in the details form, click the 'Book it' button to go to the confirmation screen.

Cargo VBS Screenshot  4

 8. From the confirmation screen you can click on 'Add to calendar' and share with other people. You can also click on 'Book again' to go through the process again and make another booking.