Berth Arrived ETD Time Vessel N4 Voy Agent From To Origin/Dest Cargo Load List Cut Off
1 27-Apr-14.30 30-Apr 23.59 Luenho SM32 Seaway Agencies Wellington Lanshan Pt New Zealand Logs -
5 28-Apr-05.05 30-Apr 18.00 Jeppesen Maersk 724N ISS-McKay Timaru Tauranga South East Asia Containers 27 Apr-16:00
3E 28-Apr-10.30 30-Apr 09.00 Southern Tiare ST133 Chatham Islands Shipping Ltd Chathams Chathams To be notified General Cargo -
3W 28-Apr-16.00 01-May 23.59 fv Taudre 2804 Nino's Ltd Sea Sea New Zealand Fishing Vessel -